Treadmill separation anxiety

When the weather is hot and/or humid (such as today – 83% humidity), I rely on my treadmill to continue logging miles while not dying in the process. My treadmill is in the unfinished part of our basement. I have a great setup, because Joel built a TV shelf for me – it’s up high, like at the gym, so I can comfortably watch TV without contorting my neck to get a view. But today we (and by we, I mean Joel) started a new project – tiling the finished part of the basement. It was carpeted, but the carpet got wet at one point and had that damp, not-quite-mildew smell, so we decided to replace it with tile. To get to the room with the treadmill, you have to walk through the finished part of the basement. This means that there will be a period of time when I will be unable to get to the treadmill, since I won’t be able to walk on the new tile. It will probably only be 24-36 hours or so, but I have an 8 mile run scheduled for tomorrow and the weather forecast is iffy. It is supposed to be much less humid than today, but you never know how accurate that will be. I do not do well at all running in humidity, so I’m panicking that I might have to run outside tomorrow regardless of the weather.  Silly, really, because I can always either run later in the day, once the tile is OK to walk on, or run Monday after work, which really is not ideal. But I’d really rather have to do that, as I prefer to do my longer runs in the morning. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see what the weather’s like.

Today I got my run in just in time. I finished my 4 miles while Joel was still tiling the far side of the room. Plus since all the furniture from the family room was moved into the unfinished room, I set up the TiVo on the TV in there and got to watch recorded stuff. Sweet! The only downfall to today’s run was my allergy problem. I ran out of Zyrtec a couple days ago, and haven’t had a chance to buy more, so I’ve just been taking Benadryl at night, which means my allergies have been bad during the day. Today I was all sneezy and stuffed up, so I took a Benadryl even though I knew it’d make me drowsy. My allergies are definitely better, but I was a little sluggish during the run and now feel like taking a nap.

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