Plans for my week off

I have been looking forward to this for a while now: 10 days off from work. And now it’s here. I will be going to Virginia to visit my sister next weekend (leaving Friday and returning Monday), but other than that, I have few plans. And that’s just how I like it. My goal for this week is to relax, which is something I often have trouble doing.  I also want to take advantage of the extra time to do some summer meal planning (the dining hall has closed for the summer) and focus on running and exercising.

I hope to run every day this week (well, until I leave for Virginia – I don’t know if I will get any running in while I’m there). Yesterday I ran a relaxed 4-miler, a trail/road combo, and today I did a ran did a 2 mile fartlek run. The weather looks promising for running this week, although thunderstorms are possible nearly every day, but I think that’s true of most days this time of year. I don’t need to run far to satisfy my goal – I’ll be happy with just 2 miles each day. I’m putting this on here to hold myself accountable – I’ll need a good excuse to explain a skipped run.

I also would like to add in some other workouts – strength training, maybe a kickboxing or yoga DVD, whatever I’m in the mood for. I feel like I need to be more active, and a week where I am off is the perfect time to kick-start this habit. I hope to continue when I’m back at work next week. My summer work schedule should help. When I’m back from vacation, I have a 4-day work week, one full work week, another 4-day week (for 4th of July), and then I begin summer hours, working four 10-hour days (7:30 am – 5:30 pm) and having one additional day off. I think I have about five weeks of summer hours in July and early August before returning to my regular schedule. I’ll picked Wednesdays as my day off, so I can at least get one mid-week run in even if I am lazy the rest of the week.

I don’t think it’s any secret that I love food. There’s nothing better than a good meal, and I believe that with some planning, it is possible to eat a healthy meal that is satisfying and delicious. Last summer, I ate a lot of salads and leftovers and got pretty bored with lunches. This summer I’m planning to switch things up. I’ll probably still have an occasional salad or bring leftovers, but I plan to have yummy sandwiches, too. This week I am testing two out: green apple, cheddar, & honey mustard, and avocado, tomato, & muenster, both sandwiches on whole wheat bread.

For breakfasts, I’m planning on lots of fruit, Greek yogurt, whole wheat English muffins, and eggs. A new favorite is a poached egg with a slice of American cheese and spinach on an English muffin. I’ve also been eating cherries and blueberries with Greek yogurt, and have some nectarines as well. I’m trying to incorporate fruits and/or veggies into every meal, for nutrition and variety. I can’t wait until the veggies in my garden are ready to eat. I’m growing spinach, broccoli, green beans, two varieties of tomato, and eggplant. These are all experiments, and I am excited to see how they turn out. The photo is part of my patio garden: eggplant and tomatoes, green beans in the background. The rest are in containers on the deck.

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