Feeling frustrated

It’s been a little over three weeks since I tore my quad, three weeks since I have run. I went to the doctor 2 1/2 weeks ago and was told I needed to wait at least another week and then could try running again, but I haven’t felt ready to give it a try. I’m afraid of making it worse and taking longer than the 4-6 weeks to heal. I’ve felt pretty good today and yesterday, so a few more days of feeling good and I will give it a try. I think I’m getting some running stuff for Christmas so I will be excited to try it all out!

I’ve been trying to do some strength training while not able to run, but haven’t been very consistent about that, only getting in 2-3 times per week. Better than before, but not really enough to make an impact. My problem is that I just want to RUN, not do hammer curls or hold plank position. When I actually make myself work out I feel great, but it’s hard to motivate myself. I’m hoping that when I’m back running I can get myself motivated to do other stuff regularly but we’ll see.

I also have not been eating well. I’ve been depression eating – craving crap because I feel like crap. When I’m not running, I just don’t feel right. I feel tired and sluggish and crave salty and sweet foods. I need to be eating healthy all the time, but especially when I’m not able to work out. I’ve put on a couple pounds over the last three weeks and that is frustrating, as I needed to lose weight before this setback. This week I bought more healthy stuff and will be bringing my lunch to work (school is closed to break so no dining hall). This will be helpful until we head to my sister’s for Christmas, when I know we will eat bad food and drink tasty adult beverages for much of the time there. Fun, but not good for the waistline!

My friend Jenn and I are planning to run a half marathon in Baltimore next October. She is currently recovering from a knee injury (1 1/2 months of no running so far, yikes!), so we picked a race a long ways away to give ourselves plenty of time to recuperate and still get in decent training. She lives near Baltimore so it was a good location. I’m looking forward to it. Now I just need to concentrate on getting better!┬áThe plan is to keep up with my icing and ibuprofen-ing, wait until my quad is feeling good for a few days (two so far, yay!), then run a mile at most. I want to carefully ease back into things, but I am hoping to get out to run before the new year. My vacation week will be a nice opportunity (I am off 12/24 – 1/2).

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