I would normally be bummed about not being able to run in the snow. I LOVE running in a snowstorm, when it is peaceful and quiet and it’s just you and the crunch of the snow under your feet. But we’ve been getting hit with some major storms that even I wouldn’t want to run in. Last week we got more than two feet of snow, falling as heavy as 2-3 inches per hour at times. I have been calling it the “snowpocalypse.” The plows couldn’t keep up with the snowfall, sidewalks weren’t clear, entire driving lanes weren’t clear (and some still aren’t!). Only a fool would’ve run in that. It was just too dangerous.

Today we are having another storm that resulted in a school cancellation for me (very unusual at a boarding school), only this time the snow has now turned to ice. Sidewalks and roads are treacherous, there are giant icicles hanging outside my windows, and the pine trees in my back yard are weighed down by the amount of ice. It is beautiful to look at each individual leaf covered in ice on the bushes and trees, but man is it miserable outside. Again, only a fool would run in this.

So while during a typical snow storm I would be sitting inside feeling sorry for myself because I couldn’t go for a relaxing winter run, today I am grateful to be able to stay, nice and warm, inside my house.

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