I don’t feel like running this week

Usually fall is my perfect running time, when I can’t get enough fresh air and outdoor time. I usually have no trouble finding the motivation to head out for a run. But for some reason this week I just don’t feel like running.

I had a great run last Saturday, heading out for a 3-5 miler but instead doing 14. The only problem was it was the start of some weird groin pain. It started just before mile 3, a tight not-quite-pain feeling in my right groin (the opposite side from when I had hip flexor tendinitis last year). It would have been the smart thing to stop and walk home but sometimes I am stubborn and this was one of those times – I had already decided I was running at least 8 miles and dammit nothing was going to stop me! – so I sat down and stretched then started running again. I found if I went slower and shortened my stride just a bit it felt better. Gradually it went away and I completed 14 miles feeling pretty good (side note: I think this was my longest run since my marathon in 2009!).

I was sore after the run, so I stretched well and used my marathon stick. I also iced my groin, even though it felt fine. On Sunday I went out for a 4 miler, just to loosen up a bit. At first all was well, then about a mile in I had the same groin tightness. Again it gradually went away, and again I felt fine after. Same thing Tuesday, although I only ran 2 miles and it started 1/3 mile in and was on-and-off most of the run. Again, though, fine after. I haven’t run since.

So maybe that’s part of why I don’t feel like running this week. I’m afraid I might be injured and nothing terrifies a runner more than the thought of being sidelined with an injury. It’s probably for the best that I do take some time off, or just do short, easy runs until I’m feeling better. I just hope it’s soon. I ate two cupcakes today and could desperately use the calorie burn!

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