Not ready

Last night it snowed. In October. Not much, but… it’s OCTOBER! It’s not supposed to start snowing for a few more weeks. We’re supposed to actually get a fall season, not jump immediately from flip flops into snow boots. And 6-12 inches are in Saturday’s forecast. Yowza!

This morning, as I scraped ice and snow off my car after letting it warm up for ten minutes, I realized that I am really, really not ready for winter. I’m not ready to wear boots and bulky coats, to wake up early to have time to warm up my car, to worry about driving conditions on my commute. And while I love to run during a snowstorm, I’m not ready to say goodbye to my absolute favorite time of year to run. I look forward to fall running all year. I love the vibrant New England leaves, the crisp air, and that autumn smell. The air seems fresher somehow, and running seems almost effortless. I glide through my runs, rather than plod along as I do during the humid summer months or tiptoe across icy sidewalks in the winter. Fall running is magical for me, and I feel cheated that winter weather is already upon us.

I know that if this is, indeed, the start of winter, I’ll get through it. Even if it’s another brutal winter like last year, with snow piles taller than my 6-ft-tall husband, I will pull on my boots and my L.L. Bean coat, get out my Yak Trax and winter running gear, and I’ll survive in that proud New Englander way. But for now, I will hold out hope that fall has not left us for good this year, and that there are a few autumnal surprises still in store.

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2 Responses to Not ready

  1. I’m up in Montreal right now but am heading down to Vermont in a few weeks. Not seen any snow yet but the cold is certainly coming fast, in waves. I’m fine with it now but it’s going to start getting tough soon! If we can get through the winter then we’ll all be super stars come Spring so it’s worth it :).

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