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Month in Review: January 2012

Run this month: 114 miles Highest mileage week: 1/23-1/29 (31 miles) Longest run: 12 miles (1/8 & 1/14) Run YTD:114 miles High point: Rocking my 10 miler on Sunday, 1/29. Overcame fatigue to finish strong, with an overall pace under … Continue reading

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I have the runs!

If you are not already familiar with Who Has The Runs, you should definitely check it out. Runner interviews are posted in the “People Who Have the Runs” section, and each month the most popular interviewee is chosen as the … Continue reading

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Speedy weekend!

This was a truly awesome running weekend. Saturday was gorgeous – sunny, warm, spring-like. I went out for a 4 mile run on one of my favorite routes, the best part of which is a shady dirt road that runs … Continue reading

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Marathon Thoughts video

Have you all seen the “Marathon Thoughts” video yet? If not, you must watch it immediately. I’ve included it here for your viewing pleasure. Go ahead, I’ll wait while you watch. Hilarious, right? And so, so true. Even my casual-runner … Continue reading

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The power of words, or, some people are a-holes

Warning: contains profanity. Last night I went out for a run. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was on the sidewalk, in reflective gear, with lights, minding my own business, when a car with what I’m assuming was a pair … Continue reading

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Fun(?) in the kitchen, snowshoeing, & bouncing back from an “off” week

A few weeks ago at school, they served an amazing-looking pasta with sundried tomato cream sauce. I snuck a bite to sample the flavors so I could attempt a dairy-free version at home, and I’ve been thinking about it ever … Continue reading

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First snow run of the season!

It’s been a pretty mild winter by New England standards, and while I’ve been enjoying my mild-weathered runs, I’ve been envious of all the tweets I’d been seeing about running in the snow. Until today, we’d had, I think, two … Continue reading

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Product review: Knuckle Lights

During the winter months, almost all of my running is done in the dark, and even in the spring/summer/fall I often run before the sun comes up. I try to stick to sidewalks and well-lit places, but even so, visibility … Continue reading

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Mileage envy/my running story

Back in 2006, I had an epiphany at my best friend’s wedding reception. It came when I almost passed out because my bridesmaid dress was too tight and I had to unzip it a few inches and wear my husband’s … Continue reading

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I love my curves

The other day I posted about my frustrations with some unhealthy eating habits, and that post included voicing my unhappiness with recent weight gain. With all the body image and anorexia/bulimia issues out there, I thought I should be more … Continue reading

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