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Joined the Y, and other things I did last night

Last night was pretty fun. Managed to get out of work on time and headed to my in-laws’ house for family dinner. We have dinner almost every Tuesday night. I’m not always able to make it (I work the farthest … Continue reading

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A pain-free run!

You all know last week’s test run was less than successful. I was nervous about testing my ankle again this weekend, but it was pain free all week (when I tried last weekend it was almost, but not completely, pain … Continue reading

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Boston Children’s Museum

Yesterday J and I had the pleasure of accompanying our nephews T (almost 7) and L (4) to the Boston Children’s Museum. Their mom, Ja, and Uncle E also came along. Ja is my husband J’s sister, and E is … Continue reading

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Black bean brownie disaster!

Oh my. What happened in my kitchen last night can only be described as disastrous. I’m glad I have a good sense of humor about this sort of thing and am not afraid of trial and error, because this was … Continue reading

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Tested out the ankle… Results not great

My Achilles had been feeling pretty good for a few days – a twinge now and then but nothing major – so I tested it out this afternoon with an easy 2 miler. I am less than pleased with the … Continue reading

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From excess energy to no energy

A few days ago I wrote about how I was handling my excess energy after a few days without running. Fast forward a few more days (one week of no running) and I am now suffering from a complete lack … Continue reading

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Channeling excess energy… in the kitchen

Clearly, not being able to run has left me with excess energy and apparently I have found an outlet to burn that off: cooking and baking. I did plenty of that this weekend! I started Sunday morning with delicious vegan … Continue reading

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Sunday morning treat

Decided to treat myself this morning. Slept in, then made a delicious breakfast: Vegan whole wheat chocolate banana pancakes. And a decaf soy latte. Perfection. Achilles is still bothering me, though maybe slightly better. I’ll need to take at least … Continue reading

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And the stress eating has already begun. Sigh.

I have taken just one day off from running so far (today will be day 2), and already I’m feeling stir-crazy, sluggish, and fat. Yes, I realize it’s all in my head and that I have not lost any fitness … Continue reading

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A (painful) step back

I didn’t mention this is my last post, because I was hoping it would be a non-issue, but one other reason I was OK with skipping Tuesday’s run was that my left Achilles tendon was bothering me a bit. I … Continue reading

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