February fitness goals

I may have mentioned before that I am really bad at doing ab work and strength training. Really bad. As in I rarely do either. Pretty much all I do is run.

This is fine for my mental health, as running is enough to help me de-stress and unwind, but I know that I really do need to put in some more effort if I want to see more improvements in my running, as well as my overall health.

This was the inspiration for my February self-challenge. The husband and I keep talking about our dissatisfaction with our mid-sections, so finally I decided we would do something about it. I proposed that we do some sort of ab exercise every weekday in February. He enthusiastically reluctantly agreed. I then decided to add upper-body and running goals for myself. (J can’t run right now due to a back issue, and he doesn’t need any additional upper-body work as he is a landscaper and basically strength trains all day through his job.)

My goals for February are:

1. Speedwork: Add one speed/hill workout every week.

2. Double up: Add a second run one day per week (one run before work, one after). I find it hard to fit in runs longer than 4 or 5 miles during the work week, so this will be a way to sneak in a few extra miles.

3. 100 crunches challenge: Do crunches every weekday, working up to 100 crunches on the last day of the month.

4. 100-second plank challenge: Do a plank every weekday, working up to holding it for 100 seconds on the last day of the month.

5. 100 push-ups challenge: I will start this challenge 2/1, using the iPhone app I learned about from Bari at Live Laugh Run Breathe (side note: check out Bari’s blog some time).

I’m hoping these challenges will jump-start a regular routine that includes these activities. At the end of the month I’ll see how I did, and will set future goals from there.

Do you have any goals for this month?

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8 Responses to February fitness goals

  1. Bari says:

    Sounds like a great plan! I wonder if there’s an app for the ab work – I’m going to check on that :)

  2. Kara says:

    I SHOULD make goals, but maybe my goal should be to make goals because I never do, haha. I have been trying to lift weights again. I used to do it like I brush my teeth (daily) but now it just seems so boring, so NOT running that I don’t bother.

    • jte521 says:

      That’s part of my problem – I look at strength training as not running, and I really just want to RUN! But I know I should do it, so I’ll try to suck it up. This may be a total fail, but I’m also trying to have a positive attitude. Which is also difficult sometimes. :)

  3. Mandi @ milesandmascara says:

    Those are so impressive. Just reading them makes my muscles whimper. I have been trying to incorporate some weights into my routine the past month and a half or so. I want to start working out in the morning, like I used to. I have some other goals, but that’s my main one. I love the idea of doubling up, especially!

    • jte521 says:

      I am excited about doubling up! I’ve only done it before while on vacation, not during regular work weeks. I want to work on increasing my mileage (during marathon training, but also regularly after the marathon), and this seems like a good way to fit it into my schedule. Good job starting a weight routine!

  4. Liz says:

    I’m trying to do regular strength training too. I always let it go when marathon training ramps up, and don’t want to let that happen again!

    • jte521 says:

      It’s a challenge, because I don’t find it fun to strength train, not like running, so it just becomes a chore. I’m sure many runners can relate! Good luck to you with your strength training.

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