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Hass update

I finally gave in and made an appointment with my sports ortho about my hass. It’s just not getting better. Rest doesn’t seem to help. I’ll feel fine, go for a run, and feel great during the run but then … Continue reading

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On vacation

I have been totally absent lately because I’m on vacation, visiting good friends in Louisiana. We’ve gone on nice walks every day, but no running so far. Planning to head out tomorrow to a state park, to run the path … Continue reading

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Lazy week for the Lazy Marathoner

Or maybe I should call myself the Lazy Half Marathoner right now. Whatever. Either way, this week is off to a lazy start and is not likely to improve much. Let’s back up to Sunday. Book club day. Skipped morning … Continue reading

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Sometimes every step is a struggle

Wow, this weekend flew by! It was a great weekend, and included beautiful flowers from my hubby and a meeting of my book club, which I will probably write about in a later post. Right now, though, I am going … Continue reading

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Changing my approach

My recent injuries have inspired me to take a look at my training and make some changes. Hopefully these will lead to positive results for my running life. I started by identifying the following problems/challenges/areas of weakness: Lack of cross … Continue reading

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Red Lentil Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant

If you were wondering, yes, I did take advantage of the buy one/get one 1/2 off at Starbucks yesterday: I got a decaf venti soy latte. And it was delicious. Perfect drink for the amazing weather we were having – … Continue reading

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Menu planning, daylight savings time, and adventures at the gym

I hate daylight savings time. I get why it was a good idea back in the day, but seriously, isn’t it about time we do away with it? Sure, the extra hour in the fall is nice, but it is … Continue reading

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J was busy today, so I had all day to do whatever I felt like doing. I knew I wanted to go to the gym (especially since we didn’t go last night after all), but this weather was so beautiful … Continue reading

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Gym orientation

J and I had our gym orientation on Wednesday. We got there a little early and rode bikes for about 20 minutes before our appointment with Sarah, a member of the fitness staff. I thought she was going to be … Continue reading

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I think it’s time to face reality

Unfortunately, that reality is that I don’t think I’m going to be able to run a marathon this spring. And that sucks. You already know about my ankle injury that had me sidelined for 2 1/2 weeks. I adjusted my … Continue reading

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