The fascinating things I did this weekend

I was fortunate enough to have another relaxing weekend. Friday night J and I went grocery shopping and found these:


I eat exactly one Cadbury Cream Egg per year. One is perfect, any more than that is gross.

Saturday morning I slept way late, ate breakfast, and cleaned the house. Fascinating, I know. Then we went to the gym, where I ran 2 miles on the treadmill and biked 6 miles. Since I took a picture of myself that I don’t totally hate I will share it with you. Here I am at the gym post workout:


After the gym we hung out at home before J left. He had plans for Saturday night, which was fine with me since I was feeling lazy and wanted to watch some shows I had DVR’d and catch up on my reading. I’m a bit behind on my magazines:


For dinner I made the Oh She Glows cozy millet bowl with mushroom gravy and kale:


It was really good, warm and comforting. After dinner I thought the house smelled too mushroom-y so I decided to make something that smelled yummy.


Boil water with sliced lemon, fresh rosemary, and vanilla and it makes the house smell great. Tip: don’t completely forget this is on the stove, neglect to check the water level, and burn everything so it’s stuck to the pan. Not that I know this from experience or anything.

I slept late again Sunday morning (so lazy lately!), then made breakfast (chocolate cherry bomb vegan overnight oats) and did laundry. And procrastinated. Finally I headed out for my 7 miler. I took my favorite route, which runs along the side of a state park.


There are some pretty views at the top of the hill:


This run was hard but good. My ankle felt fine but my hip flexors were tight and sore.


Wow, two self pics in one post! And I look so thrilled. I noticed a trail I haven’t run on before so I’ll have to check it out some time.


I felt really woozy after my run, starting when I was stretching. I bent over and all of a sudden the room was spinning. J made me lunch and once I had that and some water I felt a bit better but for the rest of the day my head felt like a balloon and I got dizzy if I turned too quickly or leaned back so I think it’s sinus related. Ick.

We went to J’s grandma’s for dinner then relaxed at home and caught up on An Idiot Abroad, possibly the funniest show on TV right now. By this time my left hip/ass (what I am calling my “hass”) was really hurting so I iced it, took ibuprofen, and had J massage it. It’s a little better today but still hurts so I’m a little concerned.

Tonight is supposed to be a non-running gym night, so as long as my hass doesn’t feel terrible I’ll probably do a few easy miles on the bike and maybe try some upper-body strength training. We scheduled our gym orientation for Wednesday night, so that is something to look forward to. Or dread. I haven’t decided.

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5 Responses to The fascinating things I did this weekend

  1. Bari says:

    Nothing wrong with a lazy weekend – and running 7 miles does not make you lazy :). I hope your hass starts feeling better!

  2. Mandi @ Miles and Mascara says:

    Best part of Easter candy? The Reese’s egg, of course! :) I always see the Cadbury eggs and the Reese’s eggs next to one another at the stores this time of year.

    Take care of your hass and I hope your sinuses aren’t acting up…

  3. I know exactly what muscle you’re referring too and I will call it “hass” from now on. Hope it’s feeling better and you enjoy your orientation tomorrow.

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