Embarrassing moment at physical therapy

My normal routine at physical therapy so far has been as follows:

- Heat pad
– Stretching (self)
– Stretching (by therapist)
– Hip joint/SI/pelvis work (therapist pushes on them – not really sure what she’s doing)
– Massage
– Electric stim plus cold pack

Most of this is done on a table in the main room, but the massage is in a private room because it requires me to pull my pants down to about my knees. I’m covered with towels, but the privacy is still needed.

After my massage, the therapist applies the stim pads, then I pull up my pants, she puts on the ice pack, and I lay there for another 10 minutes or so, with the door open.

Last night, however, I was chatting with my therapist and was therefore distracted when she put the pads on. She asked if I wanted the door open and I said sure. A few minutes later I realized my oversight.

I forgot to pull my pants up.

So now I’m laying there, in full view of everyone in the main room, and my pants are down. Yes, I was still covered with the towels, but there was no graceful way for me to get my pants up without exposing myself to all the staff and patients present.

I mildly panicked before deciding I’d just have to suck it up and do it and hope for the best. I was grateful I at least had cute Victoria’s Secret panties on. If I’m going to expose myself I may as well do it stylishly, right?

Fortunately my therapist appeared to check on me and, face beet red I’m sure, I told her what I had done (or, more accurately, not done), and asked her to shut the door. She got a good laugh out of it, but at least my crisis was averted.

You can bet I won’t make that mistake again!

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2 Responses to Embarrassing moment at physical therapy

  1. The worst is when you come out of the bathroom and forget to pull up your pants… Short-term memory loss at its finest. Story of my life. ;)

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