Freaking love my bike! Weekly Report: June 18-24

I’m glad I had such a great weekend because today is off to a rough start. I left the house a few minutes late, hit every. single. red. light on the way to the highway, then drove directly into a thunderstorm. By the time I got to work (at 7:45 am) it was scary, almost nighttime dark and pouring rain. Oh and I work in a creepy, very old building (it was part of the Underground Railroad) and I get here before anyone else during the summer. Not fun. Then I got the hiccups. Awesomeness.

Anyway. My weekend was spectacular, even though I didn’t do everything I had planned (and shared in a post on Friday). But the things we didn’t do (clean, go to Whole Foods, cook meals for the week) weren’t as fun as what we did do, so I am fine with being a slacker for once in my life.

On Saturday we slept in, ate breakfast, and tidied the kitchen enough that I wouldn’t freak out about the mess (which I do have a tendency to do), then headed out with our bikes. After struggling a bit to fit both bikes on the rack (J rides a recumbent, which has a wider seat – we ended up having to take the seat off), we were off to the Air Line Trail for my first long-to-me ride. I think the longest I’d ridden a bike previously was the 4.25 miles we did last weekend! I wanted to ride at least 8 miles, and we ended up doing 12. It felt awesome! We went uphill for the first 3 miles, then mostly downhill for 6 miles, then uphill again for the final 3 miles. It was easier than I expected, and so fun. The Air Line Trail is my favorite place to run, so I’m not surprised that I love it just as much on my bike. Which, by the way, is super comfy and I freaking love it.

I got up early on Sunday morning to fit in a run, and I was so glad I did because I saw two parent and 10 baby turkeys! So cute. I was able to do 2 miles both Friday and Sunday with limited soreness afterwards (no pain during runs). I’m sore for a few hours then it’s typically gone by the next day. I think it might be IT band pain right now so I’m paying close attention to make sure that doesn’t get any worse.

Sunday afternoon was my book club meeting which turned into a pool party since only two people finished the book (I’m ashamed to say I’m not one of them). It was so fun – great friends, great food, great weather – perfect day to be in the pool! And I learned that my friend C reads my blog, which made me happy. (Hi, C!)

The rest of last week was rough at work, but I still kicked ass with healthy eating and working out.


See? I stayed under my calories all week, even with the pool party. I really am feeling awesome. I hate how drastic the difference is when I eat dairy verses abstaining. I miss cheese. But I honestly feel like a different person when I haven’t had any dairy. Not only that but pretty much everything I’ve eaten has been vegan, and mostly homemade.

I planned to cook a lot this weekend, but since I didn’t get to Whole Foods I was missing some ingredients. Whatever. I did cook for the party – strawberry basil pesto pasta salad – and got to use my new toy:


A mini food processor! Isn’t it adorable? I love my regular-sized food processor but it’s a bit heavy, and takes up a ton of room in the dishwasher, so lugging it out when I’m working with small quantities can be annoying. With a 3-cup capacity, this one is much lighter and takes up less space. And it works great!

I did well with workouts last week, too:

Monday Planned: one hour yoga class. Actual: one hour yoga class

Tuesday Off

Wednesday Planned: 2 mile run, 1/2 mile walk. Actual: 2 mile run, 1/2 mile walk (outside despite heat/humidity)

Thursday Planned: 6-8 miles stationary bike. Actual: 8 miles stationary bike

Friday Planned: 2 mile run, 1 mile walk. Actual: 2 mile run, 1 mile walk (on treadmill because of thunderstorm)

Saturday Planned: 8 miles bike. Actual: 12 miles bike!!

Sunday Planned: 2 mile run, 1/2 mile walk. Actual: 2 mile run, 1 mile walk

I feel good about bumping up to 2 1/2 miles for this week’s runs. I still experience some tightness and soreness in my hip flexor, hip, and IT band after runs, but nothing bad and nothing that has gotten worse. It’s actually gotten better, and feels especially good after yoga. J has a friend visiting this Friday night so I may try out a second yoga class (it meets Friday at 5:45 pm) and see how that goes.

Now if only work would calm down a bit, I think I’d be on my way to a kick-ass week!

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4 Responses to Freaking love my bike! Weekly Report: June 18-24

  1. Yay! I’m so happy for you that you were able to run with limited soreness. And how awesome is that 12 mile bike ride?! :) I’m actually kind of jealous that I haven’t had that sort of motivation in, what feels like, months..

    • jte521 says:

      Thank you, I am very happy I’m enjoying the bike so much! Would have been an expensive mistake if I found I hated it. :)

  2. Bari says:

    Yeah for a great weekend, bike ride & runs!!!

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