Three Things Thursday – Halloween edition

1) H is a baby owl for Halloween and it may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. This isn’t her but this is the costume:


(I still don’t share H photos on the internet. I only just started posting the occasional photo on Facebook to a very limited audience.)

2) Did I ever tell you my building at work is haunted? It’s really old (was a stop on the Underground Railroad) and I’ve heard and seen things and a coworker was touched. Not really Halloween- related except that it’s creepy. Seems like a peaceful presence.

3) We never get trick-or-treaters and usually go see my nephews instead of staying home. One year we got home and a little after 9 pm out doorbell rang, even though our lights were out. I answered and it was a mom and kid and I apologized and explained that we just got home, has never had trick-or-treaters in the years we lived there, and therefore didn’t have any candy. They wouldn’t leave. They just stood there staring at me, not saying anything. I repeated my apology but they didn’t budge. It was really uncomfortable and I finally had to shut the door in their faces. WTF?

Have you had any strange or creepy encounters, Halloween or otherwise?

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One Response to Three Things Thursday – Halloween edition

  1. barif0815 says:

    I bet H is adorable in that costume. As for the people who wouldn’t leave? Seriously? Did they not speak English?

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