I should re-name this blog “The Lazy Walker”

Seriously, there is no marathoning, lazy or otherwise, to be done here any time soon. Or any running, really. I’m finding it hard to prioritize running on the weekend, when I’d much rather hang out with my kiddo, and I’ve been tired and, well, lazy on the weeknights (so at least the “lazy” part of my blog title is accurate!).

Instead I’ve been doing a fair amount of walking. H can walk in the Bob, just can’t run until 8 months. It’s not the same, but at least when I go for a walk I can spend time with her, while I still can’t take her along on a run.

Our weeknight walks are just around our neighborhood and on weekends we try to go for longer walks on trails. I recently discovered a cool abandoned golf course that has been closed since 2005. In 2008 the towns purchased it (it straddles two towns) and they maintain the golf cart paths as walking trails. There’s something spooky about seeing a golf course so overgrown as nature slowly takes over. We also like to go to my favorite trail, the Air Line Trail, and now that we have the Bob (we got the rugged version) we can take that on the stone dust surface instead of using the Ergo.

This weekend both of our walks were cut short. My parents came down (they live in Maine) and we went to the Air Line Trail but had to turn around because my dad’s insulin was low (he’s a diabetic). Then on Sunday we went to walk on the roads through the nearby cemetery but cut it short because it started to rain and the winds rely picked up. I would have been fine if by myself but didn’t want H to get soaked, especially since it was also chilly.

I guess walking is better than nothing. Actually I do really like it and don’t plan to stop. I love the time with my baby girl and think it’s a healthy habit to teach her. We do also go hiking with her, and will do more of that when we have a hiking backpack. It’s a great way to explore and for H to learn about the world around her.

I just wish I was also running. I’ll get there, hopefully in the near future. It helps that I enjoy winter running and can use that as incentive.

On an unrelated note, we have decided to have day care give H an extra bottle during the day. She’s still waking up a few times at night and it’s rough. Our pediatrician suggested 1) adding an extra daytime bottle, 2) bumping her last feed up by 15 minutes so she’s not going to sleep right after, thereby associating falling asleep with nursing, and 3) rocking her back to sleep instead of nursing to sleep on some of the night wakings. Number 2 was a piece of cake and our new routine already feels normal after a little over a week. We tried number 3 last night for the first time (we held off because she was sick). It was tough. I hate hearing her cry, but she did not need to be fed just two hours after her last meal. Today will be the first day with the extra bottle. Fingers crossed it helps!

Of course the added bottle means I need to pump more, and I’m very grateful for my sizeable stash. I had been pumping far more than I needed, around18 ounces each day (until today H ate 12 ounces while at day care), but gradually cut that back to just 12-13 ounces daily. With the extra bottle I’ll need to replace 16 ounces per day. It’s all about supply and demand so I’m hoping I can increase my output. To do so I’m drinking lots of water, eating healthy foods, and drinking red raspberry leaf tea, which supposedly aids milk production. I will likely also add a pumping session after H goes to bed and weekends as needed.

Moms: any other tips to boost milk supply?

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One Response to I should re-name this blog “The Lazy Walker”

  1. You’ll get back to running eventually! I’m pretty sure I didn’t work out AT ALL after having Braeden until he was close to 1. I just had a hard time balancing out my new life! (it’s definitely different now)

    As for pumping – adding extra sessions does help. I still do an extra one in the morning and do it every day – even when I’m not working (which totally sucks, but my little man eats 20+ oz a day!). Good luck!

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