Catching up

So I haven’t blogged since, I think, Thanksgiving. That’s a long time. Life got in the way and time for away from me. I’m not at all complaining. It’s been good, just busy.

A few random things that happened and some other ramblings:

1) I got a new-to-me car, a Subaru Forester. It’s actually older than my Honda (which J will drive now) but with half the miles and AWD, which I’m already grateful for this snowy New England winter. It’s roomier and kind of a mom car, but that’s OK, I’m a mom, and it’s not a mini-van so there’s that (no offense to mini-van drivers). I love it.

2) I fell down the stairs at work and messed up my left side. Somehow I missed the last two steps or something and ended up sprawled on the floor directly in front of my colleague’s office. So embarrassing. I twisted my leg under me and my foot (arch and top), ankle and knee have hurt since (2+ weeks ago now). I went to the doctor for something else and had him look at it and he said I most likely sprained my foot. Awesome.

3) I fucking got shingles. Yes, the thing old people get. I’m cool like that. (That is the original reason for my visit to the doctor.)

4) I went for my first run with the Bob stroller and it was awesome. Probably not my best idea with the previously-mentioned sprained foot and whatnot but whatever. I only did 2 miles, the kiddo loved it, and once I got past the initial awkwardness I realized it’s easier than I thought it’d be. I can’t wait until spring to take it out regularly.

5) H has been rolling over regularly for quite some time and now can sit up on her own. She started eating food a couple weeks ago and it’s fun. She loves butternut squash and is on the fence about pears and bananas. I’m thinking squash or avocado next. I will say, though, that the poop – oh the poop! – it’s disgusting. Really quite gross.

6) Between holidays, vacation time, and Friday’s snow day I have had two weeks off with H and I do not want to go back to work on Monday. Why isn’t this real life? Boo.

7) We might use J’s bonus money this year to buy a treadmill. Without a gym membership it’s tough fitting workouts in. I’m not running outside at 4 am and I’m becoming wussy when it comes to dark, cold evening runs, especially after a few snow storms.

8) We got rid of cable (to put the money towards a car payment) and it’s not that bad. I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning on Hulu.

There’s tons I’m missing but that’s the random crap I just thought of. How was your holiday? Happy New Year!

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4 Responses to Catching up

  1. barif0815 says:

    Happy new year! Sorry about your wipe out. Ouch.

  2. llanderson says:

    I watched Greys from the beginning a few years ago-the first years were really great!

    • runnerjen521 says:

      I watched the first few seasons then stopped for some reason. I don’t know how far I’ll get but it’s keeping me entertained for now. :)

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