Great run yesterday, hubby’s 40th, and I need to stop being a cheap bastard

Before yesterday I hadn’t run in a week and a half. The first week was due to various scheduling conflicts and general craziness, and the half week was laziness. The weather was beautiful yesterday so for the third night this week I said I’d go for a run after work (it didn’t happen the first two nights). When H and I got home I really didn’t feel like it but told myself to at least go for a walk. Once we got outside I decided to run 2 miles. And if was awesome. At the end of the 2 miles I felt great so I added a third and finished still feeling pretty damn good. H had a blast and the fresh spring air was good for us both. So glad I went for that run.


J turns 40 in May and I just booked his party. We’re having a low-key but festive party at a local restaurant. There’s a bar for the drinkers but it’s also family friendly and easy to get to (we have friends with kids as well as people from out of state who will be coming). I am excited. Now to plan H’s first birthday!

I have always been a cheap bastard with my shampoo and conditioner. I’ll pay more for the salon styling products but I usually get Suave or L’oreal or some cheap crap otherwise. Lately though nothing has really worked well so when I recently got my hair cut I sucked it up and bought salon shampoo and conditioner. And I love it. It works better than any I’ve used before and now I’m pissed because I’ll have to keep buying it, obvi. I also got some new product for my curls, as I decided to start wearing my hair natural, and I love that, too. In case you are curious I am using Paul Mitchell products: Shampoo Two, The Detangler, Twirl Around, and Spray Wax.


I just took a bunch of selfies in my office and that was the only one I didn’t hate. Whatever.

In other, also unrelated news, love this:


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2 Responses to Great run yesterday, hubby’s 40th, and I need to stop being a cheap bastard

  1. barif0815 says:

    I love the wavy hair! Mine is so dumb – only about 1/2 gets wavy and then it just poofs so I have to straighten it every day or it just looks redic.

    • runnerjen521 says:

      That’s what mine used to do & is why I always wore it straight. I asked my stylist to walk me through how to do it at home and after a few tries the lesson paid off! The first time I tried it on my own the right half of my head was curly and try rest not so much.

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