About The Lazy Marathoner

My name is Jen, and I’m a 30-something living in Connecticut with my husband, new baby daughter, and our cat.

My husband gave me the nickname “The Lazy Marathoner” when I was marathon training a few years ago, and jokingly suggested it as my blog name. I loved it and it stuck. I have run one marathon, two half marathons, and numerous shorter races. My favorite race distance is the half marathon, and I would love to run more marathons and/or half marathons in the future.

This started as a running blog, but I have added a bit about my cooking and eating habits. I am vegetarian and follow a mostly vegan diet, and I love to eat a wide variety of foods – I’ll try anything once! I also like to discuss my other fitness activities (cycling, hiking, snowshoeing, etc), books, and whatever other random crap is on my mind.

I am currently starting to run again after a lengthy break. After battling hip and hip flexor injuries off and on for a while, I decided to use most of my pregnancy as a forced rest break. I didn’t run at all from December 2012 to August 2013 and barely ran for several months before that. I am currently slowly making my return to running and hope to increase the miles while staying injury free. Thanks for your patience!

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