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Lullaby Guns ‘n Roses and rage peeing

I had an awesome weekend. Except for the part where I came downstairs Saturday morning to find that my cat had peed and pooped on the curtains. And the part where I came downstairs Sunday morning to find she had … Continue reading

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Weekend randoms

I had a fantastic weekend, though far too short. Aren’t they always? J had to work most of Saturday but I made the best of it. I was thrilled when I woke up to a gorgeous, warm, sunshine-filled morning. Finally, … Continue reading

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Snowmageddon 2013!

Well for once the weathermen were pretty spot-on, and the blizzard (named Nemo, if you can believe it) occurred pretty much as predicted. We have about 34 inches of snow, which is more than I’ve ever seen in a single … Continue reading

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Imperfect. Weekly Report: July 9-15

Last week did not exactly go as planned. After a rough start I got back on track until the weekend, when life got in the way of things. But I’ll discuss that later. Let’s start with this week’s food wrap-up. … Continue reading

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I got a bike! Weekly Report: June 11-17

I had an awesome week in pretty much every way. It was so great that I’m still in a good mood early on a Monday morning, and when does that happen?! Obviously you can guess from the title that I … Continue reading

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Hubby’s birthday

Yesterday was J’s birthday, and I felt bad that we couldn’t do much to celebrate because of me being injured. We don’t usually make a big deal out of birthdays, but we do usually go out for a nice dinner … Continue reading

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What I Ate Wednesday

I’ve never done a What I Ate Wednesday post before, but since I have nothing running-related to share I thought, why the hell not? Though this will actually be more of a What I Ate Friday & Saturday post, as … Continue reading

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Deliciousness in a jar

Last night I made these. Mini peanut butter cups in a jar from Oh She Glows. And they were freaking amazing. Graham cracker crust, peanut butter mousse filling, chocolate topping. Heaven. They were actually pretty easy to make, too. All … Continue reading

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A pain-free run!

You all know last week’s test run was less than successful. I was nervous about testing my ankle again this weekend, but it was pain free all week (when I tried last weekend it was almost, but not completely, pain … Continue reading

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Black bean brownie disaster!

Oh my. What happened in my kitchen last night can only be described as disastrous. I’m glad I have a good sense of humor about this sort of thing and am not afraid of trial and error, because this was … Continue reading

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