Stepping away

I have decided to stop blogging for a while, maybe permanently. It’s not something I’ve enjoyed recently and my posts are boring even to me. I absolutely love my life as a mommy and am thrilled to be running again, but I don’t really have the desire to share anymore.

Thank you to my readers, especially those who have been following my blog for a while. I’ll still be on Twitter (@runnerjen521) so we can chat there. I wish you all the best and maybe one of these days I’ll blog again. :)

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Other weekend things

I did other stuff this weekend, besides the race. It was a really fantastic weekend, actually.

J has to work Saturdays until July 4, so H and I were on our own. We slept in (it is sad that sleeping until 6:15 am and staying in bed until 7:00 am is now “sleeping in”) then played and ate pancakes. H took a nice, long nap and then we went outside for an easy 2 mile run. Such beautiful weather! I felt really good and running with a stroller is my new normal. Still, I was relieved to not have to push it during the race. It’s also nice to have H’s company on my runs, even though she isn’t talking yet. I point things out to her and stop now and then for some smiles.

After our run I dragged the exersaucer upstairs outside of my bathroom, so H would be occupied and could still see me while I showered. It was moderately successful. She alternated between playing with/talking to the toys on the exersaucer, and whining. Mostly she was fine though.

We then headed to Old Saybrook to meet up with my friend T and her two boys, who are 11 years (he am was actually my ring bearer!) and 11 months old. We went to Sweet Luna’s for froyo. They always have a dairy-free option, which was watermelon that day. I topped it with fresh strawberries and pineapple – and Sour Patch Kids!

How have I never thought to put SPK on froyo? Very yummy. H was super happy and expressed herself by yelling at anyone who walked by (and we were seated by the entrance). She is a loud one, that girl.

After froyo we went on a walk around the neighborhood off the main road. It was a little windy but a nice walk anyway, and luckily I had the wind shield for the stroller so H was toasty warm.

Saw this on the drive. I’m unclear how they feel about giraffes.

On the way home “Sweet Child of Mine ” came on the radio and H clapped and bopped around. That’s my girl!

Saturday afternoon we went to Trader Joe’s (once J was home) and on the way we stopped by the town green to pick up my race packet. H got to pet two puppies for the first time ever and it made her day. She squealed with laughter. And I was excited, too, as they were an Aussie mix and Aussies are my favorite dogs. Sunday, as you know, was the race. Such a great weekend.;

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I have a new favorite race!

Yesterday was my first race in a long time, and you guys, it was everything I could have hoped for. For starters, it was in my town so I was able to walk to the start and walk home after. Packet pickup the night before was a breeze, and from start to finish it was extremely well organized.

The race offered both a half marathon and 4 mile option, and I think there was also a kids’ run earlier. I elected to run the 4 miler this year. The weather was beautiful and it was a nice walk to the town green, where everything was set up. The food trucks were waiting.


What’s that? Why yes, it IS my favorite cupcake place.



Thanks for ruining my photo, random dude.

I did some people watching. Check out this skirt:


Then I headed to the start line on Main Street. There was a great turnout for the first running of this race!



The first 2 miles of the race were mostly uphill. The first 1/3 mile was a decent sized hill that had me wondering why the hell I had signed up.


There was a brief downhill then another 1/4 mile steep hill (where I do hill repeats). Ugh. Luckily I am very familiar with the race course as I run most of the roads regularly, and drive on the rest, so I had the advantage that I knew where the hills were and how long/steep.

I saw my cheerleaders about a mile in. J put H in the hiking backpack so they could come support. H loved every second of it and the smiles and kisses were great motivation.

A little over a mile in I ran into a coworker, who was doing the half. I ran with him for about a mile and a half, which slowed me down a bit as he is a little slower than I am. But it was nice to chat.

The last two miles were largely downhill or flat and were my fastest. My official time was 40:53, Garmin time was 40:24. Given that I hadn’t run more than 3 miles in 2 years and that it was my first race back I was pleased with my time, as I anticipated finishing in 42-44 minutes. Had I known I would be so close to breaking 40 minutes, though, I wouldn’t have run with my coworker for so long! Oh well.

Finishers of both the half and the 4 mile got medals. Sweet!


After I finished I met up with J and H and we headed to the green, where I got pizza from our favorite place, Mondo (I gave it to J since it’s not vegan), and a cupcake from NoRA (they had vegan chocolate raspberry). Then a leisurely stroll back home, enjoying the sunshine.

I hung my medal with my other medals and a few of my race bibs.


It was a pretty perfect day.;

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Five Things Friday

1) I know I tweeted this already but I don’t think I shared it here. I may need this tee:


2) My new goal: walk or run with H every weeknight (weather permitting). A few of my mommy friends are also trying to walk more so we will have good company. This week we walked with friends Tuesday and Thursday and ran Wednesday (it snowed Monday).

3) There were tater tots in the dining hall this morning. They weren’t on the menu. I refrained from doing a happy dance. Surprise tots are the best tots.


4) Now that J’s party is booked and under control I am starting to plan H’s first. I need to decide on a theme and am torn between something like owls (“Look whoooo’s one”) or The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or just a color scheme to match whichever invites I choose. Thoughts? I don’t want to go crazy as the first birthday is more for the parents and it’s going to be a fairly small party at home, but I do want to do something.

5) I know there are a few rain clouds, but look at the temps! Yay for 50s and 60s, finally.


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Great run yesterday, hubby’s 40th, and I need to stop being a cheap bastard

Before yesterday I hadn’t run in a week and a half. The first week was due to various scheduling conflicts and general craziness, and the half week was laziness. The weather was beautiful yesterday so for the third night this week I said I’d go for a run after work (it didn’t happen the first two nights). When H and I got home I really didn’t feel like it but told myself to at least go for a walk. Once we got outside I decided to run 2 miles. And if was awesome. At the end of the 2 miles I felt great so I added a third and finished still feeling pretty damn good. H had a blast and the fresh spring air was good for us both. So glad I went for that run.


J turns 40 in May and I just booked his party. We’re having a low-key but festive party at a local restaurant. There’s a bar for the drinkers but it’s also family friendly and easy to get to (we have friends with kids as well as people from out of state who will be coming). I am excited. Now to plan H’s first birthday!

I have always been a cheap bastard with my shampoo and conditioner. I’ll pay more for the salon styling products but I usually get Suave or L’oreal or some cheap crap otherwise. Lately though nothing has really worked well so when I recently got my hair cut I sucked it up and bought salon shampoo and conditioner. And I love it. It works better than any I’ve used before and now I’m pissed because I’ll have to keep buying it, obvi. I also got some new product for my curls, as I decided to start wearing my hair natural, and I love that, too. In case you are curious I am using Paul Mitchell products: Shampoo Two, The Detangler, Twirl Around, and Spray Wax.


I just took a bunch of selfies in my office and that was the only one I didn’t hate. Whatever.

In other, also unrelated news, love this:


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Pre-race nerves

It’s stupid to be nervous about a 4 mile race, but I am, a little.

Reasons why:

1) It is my first race in more than 2 1/2 years. My last race was the Niantic Bay 5K in September 2011.

2) I haven’t run 4 miles in 2 years. The last 4 miler I ran was when we were on vacation in Louisiana in March 2012. I remember because it’s when I realized I could no longer ignore my hip pain.

3) The race course is hilly.

4) Getting out the door when you have a baby, even when the baby isn’t coming with you, can be a challenge. I hope I get to the start on time!

And some reasons why I shouldn’t be nervous:

1) I have run several 3 milers recently without issue. I can do 4 miles.

2) I’m not racing for time, just for fun and for the joy of running a race again after so long.

3) If I have to walk the hills, I have to walk the hills. No one besides me will give a shit.

4) J and H are going to come cheer for me (weather permitting). And J will probably eat my post-race pizza and cupcakes (unless there are vegan cupcakes… mmmmm vegan cupcakes).


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No runs this weekend, and it’s snowing today, wtf?

I totally did not run this weekend. The weather sucked bit I couldn’t have gone to the gym either day. I just… didn’t. Wasn’t in the mood. Decided to start fresh this week. Which is good because my first race in over 2 years is Sunday!

H had her 9 month appointment on Friday. At this appointment they do a finger prick and take a vial of blood. It was traumatic for H and Mommy both. The nurse put a bandaid on H’s finger and on the way home she ate the bandaid. So I now get to search through poop for a few days. Little stinker.


She’s starting to pull herself to standing and the doctor thinks she may skip crawling altogether and go straight to walking. I’m in trouble! She is 18 pounds 15 ounces and 27.5 inches tall.

Today when I left the house it was 37 degrees and rainy. As I drove to work it got colder and started… snowing?! It’s March 31 for christsakes! It snowed pretty heavily for the next several hours. This is the view out my window.


OK seriously. This needs to stop. I am ready to quit New England.

This weekend we made our weekly trek to Trader Joe’s, where H talked to/yelled at everyone and made lots of friends. I cooked roasted red pepper mac, Thai chili, queso blanco bowl, and edamame hummus. All very yummy and H loved them all, especially the queso. She is a good little eater and gets so excited for meals.

Plan for the night: head to the gym after H is in bed.;

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